Climate Change

This is the inevitable rant about climate change.

First I’m going to define the term ‘climate’ as I will use it here. Second, I will give an outline of my views about this. Third, I hope people will comment about what I have to say on the topic.

(Please note – this definition of climate change is not taken out of a dictionary, but instead is intended to guide the reader as to how I am thinking. Feel free to debate my definition, but I don’t need small technical errors pointed out. It is simply meant as a kind of “this is the way I think about what climate change is, and by telling you this, I will help you to understand how I think about the issue”)

Climate and Climate Change

Climate is NOT weather. Weather is part of climate, but the two terms are not to be used interchangeably because they refer to different things. Weather is the day to day patterns of precipitation and/or wind and/or other conditions. Climate is a more long term measure of weather over time. Without getting into a debate about climate change here, it is decidedly difficult to define ‘climate change’ when climate can (and often is in order for it to be accurate) be measured over long periods of time, and sometimes the changes in weather are actually what defines the climate. For example, the fact that Australia has sporadic rainfall is actually a defining factor of Australia’s climate.

My View on Climate Change

(from a lefty perspective)

Climate change is a tricky term. I believe that it is a simple matter of logic that we, as humans and therefore animals inhabiting this planet, have had, are having, and will have an effect on the planet. Every time we make a change to anything in our world, it will effect something else. We are not separate from the world, and there is no “us” (humans) and “them” (nature). As a species, humans are very good at changing things on this planet to suit us. I’ll come back to this point in a moment.

I don’t argue that we are NOT causing a change in some of the weather on the planet, or that our activities are having absolutely no effect. Instead, I argue against this idea that ‘humans are destroying the earth’. To me, this is total rubbish. Humans are not destroying the earth – if anything, humans are going to be destroyed by, for want of a better word, the earth.

Creating a panic around climate change is folly. It is NOT a ‘disaster’ that the authorities have to deal with. Whilst I would align myself more with the ‘left’, I still think I am able to say that climate change fills a similar niche for the left to that which terrorism fills for the right. Instead of this, I would like to argue that this debate should NOT be about whether the climate is changing, and instead about the effective and efficient use (or non-use) of the resources the earth has to offer. The fact of the situation is that people are on this earth, and want to use the things in the environment that are available to them. There is nothing wrong with people using resources, as long as they are used effectively and efficiently. This doesn’t mean that I am a climate change sceptic, it’s just that I find the hype and craziness around ‘climate change’ unnecessary. We (humans) should do something about it, but lets try thinking about it as a resource management problem instead.

Part of the problem with my argument is that many people may be more disconnected from their environment (and therefore the results of their actions or choices) and this allows them to make choices that they would otherwise not make were they able to see the effects more immediately or more fully. One of the other problems with my argument is that of scale. The human population is larger than it has ever been, and as a result, whilst it is more imperative to use resources more effectively, it is also becoming more difficult. How is it then that I can argue that it is okay for everyone to be using resources?

I apologise if my rant has been to rambling (and boring – no pictures!) for anyone. I also realise that it simply… stops. This is because I will continue to discuss this issue in future blog posts, and decided that this point was a good point to stop mid rant to see what other thoughts people had on this.


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